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Boys State

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Just got a text message from my 17 year old son Justin at school.


He wants to be a lawyer and a politician.
He was voted in by his high school teachers.
Kind of makes a mom proud.

If you don't know what it is here is a link that explains it.
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I learned something today. I had never heard of the programme. Congrats to Justin!
Good for him! Congrats Justin!
I didn't know about Boys State. Congrats to your boy!
I'm familiar with the girls because my neice was nominated (and turned it down :mad:)

Congratulations on your son's achievment - you should be proud!
Aww, congrats to him!!! :D
Whooo Hooo! WTG JUSTIN!!!!!
Lisa, I remember you telling me about him after this past election.
Lisa, I remember you telling me about him after this past election.
Yup, he is my politician. He is convinced that he can change the world and be honest and fair while doing so. Just don't ever argue with him :laugh:
All kinds of good school news popping up around here!! Congrats!!
Way to go, Justin! Congratulations.
Seems like you have great dreams. Much success to you.
Wow!! Congratulations!!! ;D
That's awesome :)

When I was a Junior, my boyfriend made Boy's State. I went to HOBY Leadership Seminar the same week. . . the first words out of his mouth when I went with his parents to pick him up were "Man is it good to see you-- the only female at camp was the lunchlady and she was SCARY!". LOL.

I have a student who ended up going to the National Boys' State thingee in DC.
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