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Boone does not lift his leg to pee but has just started the last couple of weeks, leaving his mark several times when we walk. He has never done this before and I think he is pretty proud of himself.

It amazes me how he knows to do this and why all of a sudden he has started. We continue to walk with a tennis ball in his mouth and he doesn't stop to sniff so much. He will pee and poop with it in his mouth. He is such a funny, funny boy!!! :)

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Just a quick note to tell you what my vet said. Walking around with a toy in their mouth is cute for sure, but when a dog has been running and chasing a ball, he needs to pant and can't do it very well with the ball in his mouth.
I let Copper walk a little while with her ball and then take it away so she can cool herself off.
Just passing some info that made sense to me
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