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Boomer's barking

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Need some opinions or ideas on how to deal with this. It's not bad behavior per se, just something I would like to put a stop to if possible.

Boomer is probably the friendliest dog I have ever seen. He loves people...he's never met someone that wasn't his friend. There is only one slight issue I have with him. He likes to bark at people that are outside a window. At our home, if someone comes up to the front door or walks past a window, he barks and barks and sounds really mean. I don't particularly want to discourage this because I feel safe when home alone. He's in no way mean, he just sounds like he is.

Today I went to Walgreens and I left Boomer in the car. I had the windows open about half way. The people in the car we were parked next to went to get in their vehicle and Boomer went all "Mad-Dog" on them. I happened to still be in the parking lot at the time and realized how scary it sounded! I know he does this regularly when I leave him in the car. It's only when people get close. I know that if they opened the door to the truck, he would hop out and cover them in kisses.

Maybe this is something I shouldn't even worry about. I just don't want people to be scared. Am I just overreacting? I see dogs sitting in cars all the time and they are just totally quiet. I want that. :-\
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He is protecting his family and home(car mini home). Does he calm down when you tell him it is "okay"? or continue to act all "mad dog" lol love that term.
This is a tough one because you don't to discourage him from doing his job and what comes natural to him...which is to protect his home and his people, but you dont want people to be afraid. Which as soon as they come in, he is fine with them, right?
Yeah, sometimes my husband will sit in the car with him while I run into the store...he does what we do at home, we just say "no Boomer, it's okay. It's people! You like people!" (he loves and knows the word "people"). He quiets a bit, but he remains on high alert until they either enter the house, or leave.

And yes, as soon as people actually walk in the door, he walks between their legs, wiggles, kisses, all that. He has not ever shown even the slightest hint of agression, other than the sound of his barking.
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