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We are in the process of researching breeders to help find a new family member. We lost our 13 year-old a few years ago and are now ready for a new puppy.

I’ve been following the forum for a while and know I should contact the local club, but there are none in Florida.

The only breeder listed on the National Club is Willowbank but they have no web site. I’ve also found Stone Haven in Central Florida, but they do not appear on the LRCA list.

Does anyone recognize either of these kennels? I would be willing to travel anywhere in Florida or even a relatively close state for a healthy puppy.

Finally, I’ve noticed a lot of breeders mentioning the bio sense program for raising puppies. Is this something I should be looking for? Is it “better” or simply a different method of raising puppies?

Thanks for any advice!

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