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Reason given up for adoption:
Owner Surrender


Health Condition:

Placement Limitations:
So Cal Only

Special Needs:

Rebel is a spunky, 86 lb., seven-year-old bulldog that acts like a giant puppy. He loves being around people and gets a bit sad when left alone.

Rebel’s dry eye condition will need maintenance twice a day (cleaning, eye drops, eye ointment). Because Rebel did not receive adequate eye care prior to coming to the rescue, he’s nearly blind. He gets around very well, but sometimes bumps into things. He needs to stay right beside you on walks so he knows it’s safe.
Rebel knows to go potty outside, but will need access to outdoors via pet door or open door.
Rebel is great around older kids, cats and some dogs.

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He's gorgeous! How the hell could anyone not care for his eye problem & then give him up like that? Man, I despise some people. :mad:

Hopefully the poor guy will get the forever home he deserves .... and soon.
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