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The Benadryl doseage I have written down is 50-75 mg (or 1 mg per pound of body weight) 3 times a day. My vet's opinion, tho, is that it really isn't cost effective for a dog the size of a Lab. Oh, and an FYI- I read on another dog board that when it could take a couple of weeks before it really kicks in for seasonal allergies.

I have a lab who is suffering from seasonal allergies badly this spring - she's getting benedryl twice a day everyday, sometimes a third dose is required, but I usually put some benedryl cream on her itchy spots too.

I feel so bad for her this year - it's the worst I've ever seen her. We've done a food switch too to see if that will help at all.
I've used the cream and spray on itchy spots, too. They both seem to give Caleb some relief. Also, with season allergies, it helps some to rinse/wipe the coats off. A good old play session with the hose works wonders! Not only does it soothe the skin by cooling it, it also rinses the pollen off the coat.

Also, building up the skin by adding things like fish oil capsules might help (a good defense is a healthy skin). Besides the fish oil, I give Caleb vitamin B complex, and, for the past couple of weeks, about 1/2 cup of blueberries a day and vitamin C twice a day. I just realized yesterday he hasn't been chewing and scratching as much this past weekend.
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