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Beautiful Sunday here!

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After the winter relapse...we have finally had two beautiful sunny days with almost 50 degree temps! Hubby is grilling hot dogs and I'm making french fries and baked beans. I'm gonna eat outside on my deck in the sun. :) I'm not opening windows though...too cold of air coming in. But I'm in such a happier mood now that spring is back!

Now if only we could get some leaves on the trees.
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Now if only we could get some leaves on the trees.
It's odd here, some do, some don't. The Bradford Pears still have their leaves, and the hardier trees (Oaks and such) still do. The grass is really green, and the tulips, daffodils, and pansies are in bloom, but the more tender trees (stuff like crapes and lilac trees) have foliage that's a wonderful shade of dead. That freeze last week really confused some plants. Usually, everything has its leaves by now...at least here.
Nick...I remember seeing some leaves on some trees in your storm pics a few weeks back, and I got all jealous. It looked so summer-y...well, in comparison to what I see outside my window right now! It will be some time yet before ours are leafed out...usually happens in May. :-\
sun? did you say sun? enjoy some rays for me please! We are going to see grey, rain, snow, rain, and more rain until the end of the week..
Sounds like a cozy Sunday afternoon, Janna. :)
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