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Bath Day!!!

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Had the day off so what do I do..took everyone to my friend's and we bathed and groomed everyone..

I love clean dogs..

Flyer...he is sooooo purty..LOL..he just looks like and feels like velvet after a bath and groom..*G*..


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and even Mr. Riley got a bath today..

Now 3 of the 4 have vet appointments..Robbie and Cedar for shots and Riley because he was having a lot of whinning and groaning last weekend while just laying around...while he seems a little better now I am going to have him checked out...it seems like if he was laying in one spot for a long time he would start the whining and groaning..it would usually start about 4 or 5 in the morning and continue until we got up..what I noticed is the nights where he would move around the bed a little he wouldn't do that..but if he layed still all night he would..anyway we'll get it checked out.
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Riley looks very nobel.

Your cavs always have a pi$$ed off expression, it's LOL funny.. especially Cedar :)
Mmmmmmmm.... freshly bathed dogs. Feels and smells good, doesn't it?
And yeah... you Cavs... always love their pouty faces. :)
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