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Basketball fans: who ya picking for the Nat'l Championship?

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I'm picking Michigan State by one.

(Unless it's Carolina by 11)

As a Kansas Jayhawk supporter, it's a twister -- Dean Smith & Roy Williams (coaches) have very long ties with KU. (Dean Smith played for KU under college basketball's first coach, Phog Allen, and, when KU asked for suggestions for a head coach, recommended his assistant, Roy Williams).

BUT, after about 10 years, Williams dumped KU to return to NC as head coach, after saying he wouldn't.

AND, as a result, KU got Bill Self, this year's AP Coach of the Year, and a much better match for KU than Williams.

Looking forward to this game.

I'll rejoice with whichever team is the winner.

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Spartans, of course - I live in Michigan (for now)! :)
Tar Heels! My alma mater.
Well I'm hoping for State. Being a die hard Michigan fan that is hard for me. Hell has indeed frozen over! I have to root for the home team. It's not looking good for them right now.
Carolina :) Got to root for the ACC!

NOT looking good for State -- down by about 21 at the half.

Very surprised.

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I'm a little late to this but I'm hoping NC wins.
We watched Tyler Hansbourgh play basketball during his high school years and it's been fun following his success.
When he was a freshman in high school we were at a game where he broke his leg. It was such a bad break the bone was sticking out his leg (nasty). He has always been a gutsy player.
Baseball season has started, what's this basketball you talk about;)
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