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I found us a nice, secluded (read: abandoned) practice dock near my mom's house, just to make sure I can get Baloo to jump before actually competing (I've already entered him in an event in June!) :D

And he did!! It wasn't pretty, the first few times he slid in head first, came up sputtering and squinting and didn't seem all that impressed. But a few times he actually jumped!

I was so proud, this was his first time going in the water without a gradual slope, I wasn't sure whether he'd do it at all, I actually brought a net to retrieve his toys in case he wouldn't. And, this is lake Ontario we're talking about here, which is perpetually freezing cold all year long. :eek:

Good boy!! Dock diving, here we come!! :D
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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