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Previously I posted that I and the Dermatologist were running low on options as to how to handle Lya's itching due to allergies. Well, I have not had time to implement all of the suggestions yet but one is well worth sharing.

Along with digestive enzymes it was recommended to put a baking soda final rinse on her after a bath in medicated shampoo. Well, that was a 99 cents well spent so far.

For a rinse...Two teaspoons in a gallon of tepid water put on after a bath with medicated shampoo.

For a spray or dab on solution...two teaspoons per 8 oz applied to affected areas. Since I have to wipe her down everytime she comes in from the outside, I have just been wiping her down with this mixture, her paws, under belly, chin and the outside of her ears.

For two nights in a row now she has been able to sleep through the night by using this baking soda application combined with Benadryl. With Benadryl alone she was not making it through the night and was itching before she should have another dose.

If this keeps up, I might get away with only two doses of benadryl a day.

Thank you everyone for sharing,

Morgan with Lya the Itchy
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