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BAD start to the London vacation...need counteractive vibes............

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I'm off to just a STELLAR start to this day. I got my first call from SU at FOUR o'clock this morning. He's arrived at the hotel I've reserved in London, and they never heard of him. No reservation, no idea what he is booked for etc. The confirmation # I'm able to give him over the phone seems to mean nothing. They never got a written voucher whatever that is. Can I fax it to them? It's 4 in the MORNING, and I don't even know what they want. i told them I'd have to wait and get in touch with my travel agent when they opened.

I think there is no way I'm going back to sleep, but I lie back down and somewhere around 5:30 I'm getting drowsy when the phone rings again. SU again wanting to know if I've faxed them anything yet. He's getting mad. Said they'd put him in the bar with two cups of tea, and he guessed he'd be sleeping on the street. I talk to a different chirpie English person who wants a credit card number from me so she can give him a room. I again explain that I've already paid for all this with my credit card. No go. She says she won't charge the card she just wants the number so she can give him a room! I give it to her. I've heard nothing from them since.

I have now called my travel agent who is supposed to be looking into all this.................She just called and said she spoke to the people at Funjet who were actually booking the thing and they told her they sent the "manifest" to the hotel (which is the voucher the hotel keeps talking about) on Mar. 27. They are now calling the hotel to try to get it dealt with. Travel agent is to call me back when she hears something else from them.

I knew I would be worn out by the time I got home, but I was hoping not to start out that way. Oh, well, maybe I will be tired enough to sleep on the plane when I fly tomorrow.

I was at CEFCO at 6 this morning, trying to get a cup of coffee, because I had none at home. Good lord.

My eyes feel like they are full of sand and I feel teary/giggly. Bad combination...........

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How frustrating!!!!!!! How everything works out!
OH NO!!! So sorry to hear about all of that - :( I hope everything works out and your flight goes by fast and that you have a good time.
that is just crummy-sorry that is going on. that is my fear whenever we go somewhere that we will get there and they don't have our reservation. hope it all works out.
This is why I book all this stuff myself... I don't trust funjet.

Oh and triple confirm everything a few weeks before the trip.

Hopefully the rough start won't mean anything in the long run... have a great trip!
Oh man! Hope it all gets worked out. I was just thinking about you leaving. I thought "she's leaving on the 19th, I should post to have a good vacation", and I didn't even realized that it already was the 19th! When do you leave?
I leave tomorrow around noon. Get there at 6:55 English time the next morning!

No further calls from desperate SU, so maybe they've gotten it straightened out......

What a damper on the start of your trip! Well, it's over and done with now. Put it behind you and try to look forward to a wonderful vacation. I really hope there aren't any more glitches for either of you!

Oh... you can be sure your full-time reservation at JL will be honored upon your return!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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