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Bad move dropkicks, bad move...

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G'day all,

Seems Old man Phelps and his crew are planning on coming down my way to protest our National Day of Mourning following the recent Victorian bushfires.
Shelly made a smart comment last year by labelling us all as "***-enablers" which scored them no points, and now they're going to show up this Sunday and protest.

If they've got the guts to show up, there's every chance it'll be their last visit here - they'd want to be well out of sight by the evening, as Melbourne gets rough at times during Saturday night, especially once the locals figure out who they are.

Thankfully I'll be elsewhere on the day with a prior engagement so I won't have to restrain myself.

Link to News Article.


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That is a bunch of sick asshats!:mad: One of these days, they will get what's coming to them.
The Westboro Baptist Church – founded by Reverend Fred Phelps in Topeka, Kansas - claims that sinning Australians are the cause of the bushfires that raged across Victoria, and plan to picket the national day of mourning on February 22.

In a statement, the group says “God hates Australia” and “thank God for the fiery deaths of hundreds”.


I don't get why someone doesn't just knock them off. I mean really, who would miss them??
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