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Probably degenerative myelopothy, but a specific diagnosis would require xrays and an MRI, which I won't put her through at age 14.
That's where we are with Otis. I had to go find your first post since I missed it - he drags his back feet also. As soon as the vet saw him walk when we brought him in he believed that's what it was. We did do the x-rays to rule out a couple other things he said it could possibly be (I've already forgotten). And that's what we were left with. We opted out of the MRI or I think there's a contrast x-ray they can do also that will show it that we didn't do either.

Otis also has significant displasia and arthritis in one hip also. He's on Deramaxx.

I hope the Metacam works for her. It's so hard to watch them struggle.
1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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