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Sorry, but we forgot our camera and my cell phone on the way out to the beach, but we had a BLAST anyway!

Harley met a 7 yo yellow Lab named Dixie and instead of running away like he has with every other dog, he bounded right up to her and both started jumping around like they had know each other all of their lives. :) I was so happy, he really seems to be getting less and less shy around other animals. He also was a little shy around the waves, which were about 6" high, but got used to them after a while and started jumping in and out of them. He got tired out after that, and we decided to call it a day, so took off. The only downside was when he pooped on the beach, but we cleaned that up and that was that...

We also went downtown in Jacksonville, Harley sleeping for the whole drive, and he seemed to enjoy the Water Taxis we took. There was a great breeze to offset the heat.

After that, back to the hotel and he is now out like a light at the foot of the bed.

Sorry, I guess I'm a bit tired to... :)

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