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We had a bird build a nest on our porch, on top of the shutters by the livingroom window. It took us a while to figure out what kind of bird it was, because we didn't see it all that much, and it isn't one that we see alot around here, but SU and I figured out it was a Phoebee. The nest was beautiful, very green with moss, made alot like a swallow nest, but with greenery instead of mud. We tried not to disturb her too much, but she would always fly away when we got near that end of the porch. After several weeks though, she hatched 4 baby birdees! I took pictures about every 5 or 6days and they fledged while we were on vacation this past weekend.

The nest:

Fuzzy little heads!

See next thread.....

About a week later:

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