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How sad- I LOVE their clothing!!
Please forward this to everyone involved in the horse industry.

To Our Horse Community Friends

The Hobby Horse Clothing Co. warehouse in Chino, CA was robbed late on
May 22/early May 23rd, 2009.

Thieves made off with approximately $250,000 worth of chaps and show
tops. More than 300 pairs of our popular PMS split leather chaps were
stolen; they had been delivered from our customs broker less than 12
hours earlier. No attempt was made to enter our offices; no computers or
electronic equipment in the warehouse was taken. The thieves appeared to
only be after our chaps and more expensive garments.

My employees and my company are jeopardized by this robbery; we lost
inventory, including Limited Edition garments that cannot be replaced,
that would provide the cash flow to continue our business operations. We
will survive, but this is a serious setback.

I am asking for the help of horse community members in advising me if
they come across ANY strange offers on Hobby Horse apparel. We have not
yet completed an inventory of stolen items but will shortly. We will
post a notice on our website at www.hobbyhorseinc regarding items that were stolen. A
reward will be offered for information in this case.

PLEASE contact me if you suspect someone is sellling our stolen
inventory. We will immediately contact our local police for their
follow-up. Most thieves are never caught, but Hobby Horse chaps and show
apparel is such distinctive apparel to try to fence, we may have a
chance of possibly recovering some of our inventory.

I also ask for your patience and understanding as we work through this
disruption; we appreciate your business more than ever in this tough
time. We'll do our best to fulfill your orders; we know you count on us!

Thank you, and please share this message with others in the horse

Suzi Drnec
Hobby Horse Clothing Co. President
13775 Stockton Avenue
Chino, CA 91710
[email protected] com

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I forwarded it to our tack manager, we're not one of their dealers so he didn't know about it, also forwarded it to one of my co-workers who is on The Nebraska Horse Counsel.

Thanks for the heads up.

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Thanks, ladies and gents. I have several of their blazers and pants and I LOVE them. And they are NICE people- she helped my put my ensemble together. At my last show I had people I didn't even know commenting on my jacket...

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