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This is a simple lesson in using the cropping tool and the cloning tool.
I am using Paint Shop Pro. I beleive Photo Shop Elements have the same
tool icons. If you are using a program other than Paint Shop Pro, you
will need to locate your "CROP" tool and your "CLONE" tool on your

In the image below the CROP tool is indicated and the CLONE tool is indicated.
See if you can find these in the program you use.

Let's crop our sample image first.
1. Copy and save this sample image on your computer.

2. Open the sample image in your Paint Shop Pro program (or whatever
editing program you use.)

3. Click on the CROP tool.

4. Now click on the image in a corner where you would like to begin
your crop. Hold the right mouse button down and drag the tool
to create a box around the portion of the image you see in the
sample below. Once you have a box, you can adjust the box by moving
the mouse cursor onto the lines of the box and then moving those
lines by the indicated arrow directions to make the box small, wider,
taller, etc.

5. When you have the area boxed as you want it, use the LEFT mouse button and
double click within the boxed image to crop it. You should have the
same image as our cropped sample image now.


We are going to clone out the white jump board in the upper right corner of the

1. Select your CLONE tool.

2. Locate and click on your Toggle Tool Options Window (or the tool
option control for your editing program... this will enable you to
control the size and strength of the tool you select to use).

3. Choose ROUND for your shape. For your "Size" choose 45. For your
"Hardness" choose 27. For your "Opacity" choose 100.
For your "Step" choose 67. For your "Density" choose 100.
You can play around with these to see how your tool will

4. Put your cursor on an area of grass near the jump board. Right Click
(this will "copy" the area your tool is on.) Now move your tool over part
of the jump boards and Left Click (this will "paste" the area you just

Continue in this manner until the jump boards are covered
with grass.

5. Now save your file.

Post your cropped and cloned picture to the

Post any questions you have here. Have fun!

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For PhotoShop and PhotoShopElements the clone tool is the stamp that is 5 tools below the crop tool. You select the area to use to clone by holding down the ALT key and left clicking the mouse. I use a round soft brush. The soft brush doesn't leave telltale marks. If you need a hard edge between two different shapes, then you can use the round hard brush. The Mode I use is normal. Opacity is 100% and aligned should be checked.
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