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What kind of asprin and how much do I give? Simba is stiff from our walk this morning and I thought maybe asprin might help her? She's about 70-75 lbs.

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Kim - I used to give Paddy one regular aspirin on his really achy days. It won't do any harm and it really did give him a great deal of relief.

Now I do the same for Megan (beags). She has some stiff joint days and one regular aspirin has her moving smoothly within an hour or two.
My vet recommends ascriptin. It has maalox also in it. One a day seems to help Zack.
Thanks Nance and Ginny! Is that unbuffered or buffered?
Buffered. (or coated, so it doesn't harm their stomachs) ... we used to give our shephed X Bufferin brand aspirin.
Asciritin is a name brand that is buffered with Maalox. Cheapest place I have found is drugstore.com. Zack has been on One a day for years and it helps with his elbow dyslpasia and other issues. Once or twice a year we have to go to Rimadyl for 4 days.
Oterwise at 10 he is doing well. He has elbow dyspepsia and has had both knee surgically fixed due to luxating knee caps. All and all he is pretty healthy for a 10 year old. Hopefully many years to come. Try the Ascritin, they have regular or extra strength, I use regular strength on a regular basis. Meaning daily, Once a day with food and Zack does well. When he is bad I resort to the presciption Rimqadyl, but you have to make sure he hasn't had any other drug for 24 hours.

God Bless

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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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