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My choco lab had four lumps removed last week. Three came back as cysts and the fourth area removed turned out to be "demodectic mange". This is why she has also had hair loss around her muzzle and eyes. She is to never take predisone ever again. We are so happy that she didn't have any more mast cell tumors. Now, I need to find out what to do about this demodectic mange. The vet says that they are going to treat her ? why I don't know. I would like to know how to improve her immune system to keep it at away.

Our 11 3/4 yr old lab's results came back again for the second time as inconclusive. We had this lump on her foot aspirated about two years ago and it came back the same then. The reason that we re did the test was because it looked a bit bigger. Don't know if we should remove it anyways or still just watch it. She has so many other lumps as well that removing this tiny one is minor compared to some of her larger lumps although most are we believe to be lipomas.
Also, since she spent most of the day at the vet waiting to have the aspiration she was stressed when she came home and the next day it took her a while to come around. So, we have to decide in the next while whether we remove it or watch it. She will be 12 in June.

Thanks again for all your good wishes.
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