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I took the day off work today. Just because. So, the project d'jour was to paint the kitchen hutch which Tudor built for us years ago. Goal? Take it from forest green to bright glossy white. No problem, paint on hand from last year. Hmmm... here's the can I want. The really glossy glossy enamel.

LORD! The fumes! I only got the small top shelf of the hutch done when I realized I was going to pass out from the fumes! It was the oil base enamel we used for another project but the can is not marked "oil base".

I shut that can up in a hurry, opened more windows and the back door, found the latex enamel. Then I ushered myself and all the dogs out to the back yard to work in the fresh air for about an hour.

I'll have to finish the project tomorrow and Sunday but at least we won't be staggering around here wondering where our brains went!

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