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Applying advantix?

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I swear Dakota and Zoey are water proof it rolled off them. I applied to the back of their neck on the skin and it seem to come up through their fur. I had tp seperate them fearing one would try to lick it off the other.
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I use Frontline, and it does that as well. It come back up through the hair and leaves greasy spots. They do go away after a little while as the Frontline spreads.

Also, I have a leather sofa. Ruger has laid on it after I've applied the Frontline... and the Frontline has left stains on the sofa. I now alway make sure the sofa is covered when I Frontline him.
You need to apply it in more than one spot. You can apply Advantix in several spots along the spine -- first one between the shoulder blades, moving down until you hit the base of the tail. The easiest way I have found to do it is to take a comb and literally part the hair so that I am applying to the skin. I do this in about 5 spots.
Yep, just put Sammi's on this afternoon. I put it in 4 differant spots, does leave a little grease mark, but that goes away in a day or two. Remember to keep them out of the water for a couple of days.
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