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Okay.. now i think Jon's an idiot too.

One of their puppies ate a toy and had to have surgery to remove it. It had been in there a week and traveled to the small intestines.

The vet says rest for TWO WEEKS.. no running, no jumping.. rest.

What does Jon do? Lets her out with the other puppy and off the run.. and he shrugs and says "she's a puppy, what am i gonna do? I mean, she's an outside dog. That's just how it is"



They have NO CLUE.. the pups pee on the floor all the time.. these are GSD pups.. they're smart.. it shouldn't take them long to potty train and they shouldn't be peeing inside that often.. i think tuck was fully trained by 4 months and had maybe 3 accidents his entire puppydom.

1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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