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Saw an episode yesterday about a Chocolate Lab that has been blind since birth. He was full grown and in a family with two other Labs. His problem was uncontrolled food aggression. He was a completely normal dog and you wouldn't even know he was blind. At a lake he could even fetch a stick thrown into the water. The lady would throw the stick near him and he would hear it hit the water then find it.
But at feeding time he would turn into a snarling drooling monster and even chase his own tail and bite himself.
Cesar taught the owner how to get the dog to sit calmly before placing the food bowl down. He would then take it up and away until the dog would again sit calmly then he would again reward the behavior with more food.
I was mainly impressed at how normal the dog was. According to Cesar they instinctively learn to navigate mainly by smell.
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