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I read "I Know This Much is True" several years ago and loved it. My SIL gave me "The Hour I First Believed" a few weeks ago and it is amazing.

It is about a couple from CT who move to Colorado to get away from some personal issues and start over. He gets a job as a teacher and her as a school nurse at Columbine HS. His aunt dies in CT and while he's back in CT handling that - the shootings occur. The wife is in the library at the time. The rest of the book is dealing with the fall out from that which seems to be going from bad to worse.

But there is a fascinating subplot about the old CT farmhouse that has been owned by the husband's family for many generations. There is a lot of history stored there and is being recovered. Old letters, diaries...it is all fascinating!

I haven't finished yet so I have no idea what the outcome is going to be here, but so far I highly recommend.
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