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Anyone heard of the singer Amy Winehouse?

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I heard about her on this entertainment website www.perezhilton.com. He always was saying how messed up and drunk she was, she'd cancel concerts because she was such a mess.
Well the other day I saw a commercial for her CD on MTV and I really liked how she sounded. I bought the CD yesterday and it's really good. It's kind of "dark", her lyrics talk about alcohol and drugs but I really like it.
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I have both her CD's. I prefer "Frank", but enjoy both. I've read that stuff about her too. She's scheduled to appear at Virgin Fest. - Toronto in September. I'm looking forward to hearing her live.

If you like Amy Winehouse, give Cat Power a listen. I think you'd like her too.
Shes a bit strange but I LOVE her music. "Back to Black" was one of my favorite CD's I bought last year. I think everyone should give listening to her stuff a try. I think she is great.
Its funny you posted about her, I only learned about her through perezhilton too - LOL! During the workday I listen to Virgin radio in the UK and they will play her, I like her stuff as well and will probably buy some soon. I think she looks ill with all the weight she's lost though.
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