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Anybody Outraged?

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Over the fact that the Administration requested that language be inserted in the AIG bailout to ensure that the bonuses could happen, Chris Dodd lied about it, and then they all spent the whole week expressing moral outrage and proclaiming their intentions to get that money back for the American people?

I know that people who aren't fans of Obama are pissed off, but what about those of you that like him? Does it bother you?
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If what was said on the radio this morning is correct, some of those executives that received the bonus's aren't even with AIG anymore.That would be really screwed up
It is true, AIG FP division is paying people retention bonuses. People who work for FP are losing their jobs after their particular piece of their job is unwound. They are being paid to stay and finish their job, knowing that they will lose their job once they finish their task. Those people who received bonuses finished their task and no longer had a job.. they got the bonus because they did stay until the work was complete.
I was watching the house discussion today and it appears language was added that did allow any bonuses in place before Feb 11 2009 to remain in effect. This language is in the newer stimulus bill signed into law Feb 17th, which I am not sure AIG has received anything from. I guess it is being assumed that it applies to the money AIG received last year from the Treasury and the Fed.
1 - 2 of 48 Posts
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