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Anybody Outraged?

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Over the fact that the Administration requested that language be inserted in the AIG bailout to ensure that the bonuses could happen, Chris Dodd lied about it, and then they all spent the whole week expressing moral outrage and proclaiming their intentions to get that money back for the American people?

I know that people who aren't fans of Obama are pissed off, but what about those of you that like him? Does it bother you?
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It seems that the same people around here who have spent a considerable amount of time defending Obama and saying that anybody who doesn't like him just can't get over losing the election, are strangely quiet when it comes to this particular little issue.
Obama also said "the buck stops here" and took responsibility.

I'm watching it and waiting to see what happens. While I recognize this stuff has been going on longer than he's been president, he IS responsible for what he does now and what has been done over the past couple of months.
I can't imagine Pres. Bush or the 2008 McCain saying "the buck stops here"

I am all about expressing my displeasure when I think Obama Admin is doing something wrong (see Veteran's Healthcare thread)

Like I said... I'm waiting to see what he does now.
1 - 2 of 48 Posts
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