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Anybody Outraged?

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Over the fact that the Administration requested that language be inserted in the AIG bailout to ensure that the bonuses could happen, Chris Dodd lied about it, and then they all spent the whole week expressing moral outrage and proclaiming their intentions to get that money back for the American people?

I know that people who aren't fans of Obama are pissed off, but what about those of you that like him? Does it bother you?
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I wonder if they (the administration) are as outraged at these bonus payouts. Seems to me they should be

Fannie Mae plans to pay retention bonuses of at least $1 million to four key executives as part of a plan to keep hundreds of employees from leaving the government-controlled company.

Rival mortgage finance company Freddie Mac is planning similar awards, but has not yet reported on which executives will benefit.

The two companies, which together own or back more than half of the home mortgages in the country, have been hobbled by skyrocketing loan defaults. Fannie recently requested $15 billion in federal aid, while Freddie has sought a total of almost $45 billion.

Order is restored, I disagree with you 100%. Assuming these are not the people responsible for causing the problem and that they are the best chance at fixing the problem, they need to be paid.
If they were brought in for the salvation of these companies. And they achieved that goal. I have no problem w/them being compensated for it.

That's called salary.

I do have a problem with the idea of bonus. For what? Doing their jobs??

That's called excess.

And if a company wants to do that w/its own profits, whatever. Who am I to argue.

But when excesses are paid with MY money.

That's called ripoff.
Salary, bonus whatever - we need to pay the going rate necessary to fix the problem. Does (did) your company ever pay bonuses? If so, did you stand your ground and say no thank you, my salary is reward/incentive enough?

A properly designed bonus plan [and we don't know anything about this one] puts a portion of your pay at risk, giving you an incentive do to a better job.
If what was said on the radio this morning is correct, some of those executives that received the bonus's aren't even with AIG anymore.That would be really screwed up
Maybe, maybe not. It depends on what the bonus was for.
Hard to hear O saying "The buck stops here" amid his cheers of "GO NORTH CAROLINA!"


Yes, much better to be chopping wood in Crawford while your minions out undercover CIA agents.
Slight edit of my outrage, Lindsay called attention to the VA outrage and full kudos for that.

What was the VA outrage? That private insurance, if you had it, would be your primary coverage, and the government insurance secondary?
The VA outrage is that this country has taken care of its wounded vets at a cost to all of us, since they got hurt in service to all of us. To do anything else is an outrage; I don't care how you couch it.
This country has historically done a crappy job of taking care of our vets [and active duty for that matter]. I didn't see a lot of outrage on this board last year, or the year before...
Maple1, I'd argue this point with you further but I don't really think you believe that's it ok to remove publicly funded coverage for wounded vets. I just don't. So there isn't really any point.

How about answering the question posted by the initial post, instead?
As I understand the VA proposal, they weren't removing pulic funding, they were saying if you have coverage through your job that would pay first, then the gov. plan. If you don't have other coverage then obviously the gov plan is primary. There was no reduction in benefits was there?
So no hope on hearing your views on this thread? Cause there's already a thread for the other one; it only came up here because I was acknowledging that Lindsay had been intellectually honest enough to bring it up.

Wow, this must be the first time ever on this board that the topic has drifted from the original post; because surely you would have called out others if this had happened in the past.

As far as the original question - I haven't followed the AIG thing that closely. It sounds like Dodd and Obama flip flopped. If that is true it is not good.
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