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In the fascinating thread started by Baloo, on its page 7, kzunell/Chris posts a link to William D. Cusick 's website (self-styled "The Animal Advocate").

He offers a third alternative between feeding kibble and feeding RAW -- cook your own.

While that's a possibility, there are several warning signs I see - among them he sells books for $30 each, specifying the proper diet for each of about 95 different breeds of dogs and other books for about 50 more mixed breeds depending on what seems the more dominant characteristic.

Several things bother me about this.

One is that while he's apparently a trained biochemist, he's not a canine nutritional scientist.

Second is that the apparent differences in his recommended home cooked diets for the different breeds come from his assumptions of local foods available in the location where the breeds originate -- thus, Labs would get diets with the meats heavy on fish since their main ancestors were the "St. John's water dog" working companion to fishermen. Presumably for the same reason, Border Collies would get lamb or mutton?

Third is that I saw no indication of controlled feeding trials or any evidence from them to justify the various diets.

Fourth, I wonder if 150 different diets are justified and needed for 150 different breeds or mixed breeds? Isn't that like saying if my ancestors came from England and Germany, my healthiest diet would be foods indigenous to those regions? And that those from various parts of Asia, Africa, the Middle East, should eat diets indigenous to those areas?

On the other hand... this afternoon I was listening to the "Talk of the Nation" program on National Public Radio (you can listen to the segment on www.npr.org) which dealt with "drug guinea pigs" -- people who take experimental drugs for pay, some getting as much as $11,000 for a couple months.

Within that, a brief portion had a person who'd eaten only a "paleolithic diet" (Stone Age) for 3 months -- lots of raw vegetables, fruits; cooked meats; little variety; no salt, spices, flavors. When he started, he was pre-diabetic, over-weight, and perhaps had several other risks. At the end of the 3 months, he was considerably healthier. (I'll Google "Paleolithic diet".)

Any opinions of Cusick's approach and pitch?


From Google:

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Regarding cooked.

I am reading Raw Healthy Bones by Tom Lonsdale. He says don't cook your food and states part of the reason kibble isn't good is because it is cooked which destroys vitamins etc.

In the things I have been reading even the kibble companies are saying things about how they are baked and the times.
The kibble I have on standby states it has a much shorter cooking time so is better.
This didn't sway me to buy. It is made in N.Z. and has natural ingredients, no wheat, and the small amount he has hasn't made Ernie itch.

(I am at work so when I get home I will look at the exact pge etc.)

As to the studies on what humans eat.
It was done in N.Z. and one group ate Macdonalds, other processed every dayfood ,and other palethlithic.
The one with McDonalds can very close to death within a short time and was stopped. The raw, good food did the best.

Recently another study was done and the person ate Mcds for months had no ill effects. In fact was healthier. Perhaps it is metablolisim, our own bodies, who knows. Same for dogs I guess.

I have a friend with cancer and he is eating the fresh/raw diet in a hope to stop the cancer or even cure.Me..I would be going down the chemo track. We each do what we think is right.

I think what ever we feed our dogs, or we eat as long as we are healthy then "why fix what aint broke."

Very interesting though.
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