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Most of the emails I receive through my web site dedicated to informing dog owners about the dangers of Bloat are from people who lost their dog. Occasionally I do get good news about a survivor. Here is that story:

My older dog Rico (8 years) suffered the same as Jake, Tuesday night, March 27, 2007. And I was in the backyard too! It was so painful to see him trying to throw up, and crying and howling, then dragging himself across the grass in an effort to message his stomach. We got him to the Emergency Vet here in San Francisco on time – All Animals Emergency Hospital. They were great, and took him right in. He was in shock at the time, but after the surgery, and an additional recovery period at both our regular vet and the emergency hospital, he finally came home a day and a half later. His best buddy, Kevin, was so happy to see him! They are both Chow Chows. Now 12 days later Rico is eating 3 meals a day (as is Kevin) and doing just great!
Your web site was one of the first I found when I did a search the next day for ‘twisted stomach dog’. Thanks so much for it! And your poster fills a need in the doggy community – no one I talked to since then knows anything about this. I am a Real Estate Broker, and send out a newsletter to approximately 1000 homes every month. It is full of many things besides real estate – fun articles, news etc. So the next newsletter will feature an article on this terrible disease. I have made it my goal that everyone I know or who have contact with who has a dog – needs to know. Time is truly of the essence in this!

If you have not visited the web site the link is:
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