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Angus went back to school last night

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We have had a very very long break from the club - perhaps the longest ever. With their feet and not knowing what it was, I was keeping them away. By the time they got diagnosed (well, not diagnosed but at least ruled out anything contagious), the club was closed for Christmas break.

Last night was Angus' first night back in...maybe 3-4 months?

Talk about cheering a dog up! Man, we are talking 180 degree change in his attitude. I feel terrible that we've gone this long and he's obviously missed it so much. So many big smiles last night from him.

He wowed everyone in heeling class on his Figure Eights, and he actually got a round of applause. And this is from some people at the club I admire a LOT, very accomplished handlers. :D He also did a couple of gorgeous recalls, to more applause. :D

I am just so proud of him. I mentioned that I wish he would do that somewhere other than that building, and one of the handlers pointed out to me if we were all better about training with our dogs in other places, they would. So right. I should do better about this. Maybe that should be my New Year's resolution.

Just finished a round of training with A & S, and happy, happy boys they are. They love it so much. I have been a little lazy lately about doing this every night, but seeing how happy it makes them has given me new resolve!

Angus is even doing better on his Drop on Recall. Maybe I will enter one of them in Open in the spring.
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Wonderful. And it is hard to find other places to train. I would literally drive around in my truck and look for places locally. I practiced in our local police station parking lot, in the back lot at the grocery store, in a local park, in a local high school parking lot, in a local church parking lot, in a local restaurant parking lot (during the day). At the restaurant lot, I had Ruger set up to do gloves. I was sending him out to get glove #2, and he ran out to pick it up and at that exact time the sprinkler system went on. the sprinkler head popped out of the ground by the curb right by glove #2. Bless his heart, he jumped back, but then went and got the glove.

Have fun scouting for places to practice :)
<<gazes into 2010 crystal ball>> I see.... I see....... I seeeeeeeee....

Awww Angus! Good to be back to school :).
Good for Angus! I'm glad he had a great time. :)
YAY Angus!! :D

Henery is like that too... he needs to take a break every now and then and then comes back better than ever! :)
That's great! I just took my 2 back to class last night after a 2 month hiatus, and very little practice at home. Emilu was baside herself with joy at going back, although she was pretty rusty.
Woohoo Angus, and Simon! Can't wait to hear more about their training, Connie.
YAY Angus!! :D

Henery is like that too... he needs to take a break every now and then and then comes back better than ever! :)
That is really the truth...I have noticed that too! Sometimes I think we have practiced too much, especially before shows. It seems like whenever we have a little break like this, they are that much more enthusiastic about getting back to it, and they just try so hard. It's so sweet and cute.
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