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My Darth Vader voice.

L.M.A.O.!!!!! :D

let me preface by saying this dog is bombproof. Nothing, and I mean nothing scares him. The only time he even barks is if we are playing/roughousing, or the random time someone is around the house. I say random because he doesn't bark when people come to the door, or walk past, only on rare occaision.

Well, I did it jokingly and he sat bolt-upright, pinned his ears back & stared at me, lowering his head. I walked over to him doing the vader-breathing thing, and he backed up into the corner, ears still pinned, now avoiding eye contact.

I walked closer to him,

"Kshhh... Kshhhh ... I am your father, Luke, Kshhh...Kshhh"

And he started a low growl, darted past my legs & did about 3 or 4 laps around the dining room. This is a dog who NEVER runs indoors. He then plants himself at my feet, ears alert, head cocked, staring at me. I told him I was sorry for frightening him & gave him a belly scritch. He went back to sunbeam-basking & all was right with the world.

I just walked past with a basket of laundry & softly went "Kshhhhh..."

he was on his feet in 2 seconds again, LOL! So wrong to tease, and I won't do it again, but it was funneh!
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