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I would love to give you a name but...I went thinking I was getting a chocolate girl (we would of named her Gracie) and came home with a yellow boy! We haven't come up with a name so any names you want to share may help. I did bring him home tonight, long story but the good (?) news is I will take him back to the breeders home for a week and a half (while I am at work as he is on my way, sort of...)until the kids are out for easter break so he dosen't have to spend hours (almost 6) in the crate. The breeders DD (22) is going to work on crate training, housebreaking and puppy training (sit/stay/leave it and most of all walking nice on a leash!) Oh Amy our breeder is named Duffy and DD is Amy! (how weird is that?) Ok I'll attempt to post pictures.....................
Here is Puppy No Name!

1 - 20 of 58 Posts
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