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Peas in a pod.
Cut from the same cloth.
Kindred spirits.
Secret handshakes.

Exercise? Take it or leave it. Let's cuddle with mom.
Swimming? YES! Then let's cuddle with mom.
Cats? Take care of them. Then cuddle with mom.
Problem solving? Holmes and Watson.
Honour? "You first." "Oh, no, YOU first."
New dog in house? Both offer(ed) total acceptance with a mere glance and niff at the newbie.
Perceived danger to home? Bolts of lightning out the door to check. Cuddle.

Paddy did raise Seamus so I'm not surprised.

Pad and Sheamie... the mental wheels always spinning...


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Seamus and Paddy sound like wonderful dogs, I'm gald Seamus can be just as Paddy was for you!
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