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Amy - Lynx Points & Siamese (pics)

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Closest to the camera is Lewis (Yoshi's twin).
In the middle is Coggy, pure Siamese. Then it's Clark.
As a baby Coggy was as pale as the palest fur you
see on Clark, then she darkened with age. She's
about two years in this picture.

Here's another one of Coggy at about one year.

Hope yesterday. She definitely has the tabby "M"
on her forehead and I see a bit of striping on her front legs.
It will be interesting to see what emerges over months.

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Oh I remember that pic of Michael and baby Yoshi! I'd say Hope is going to carry on the line. And that is a GREAT lynx I mean link you added. Thanks for that. :)

(Doesn't Sharon (WigWag) have a Lewis/Yoshi/Hope kitty?)
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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