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Ambers New Title!!!

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Amber has just been granted a Sock Wizzard title by Angus Fangus (Connie) !!
She is now proudly known as
Greenwoods Amber Wave CD RA NA WC CGC SW
Some dogs work hard to achieve greatness others have it bestowed on them Other dogs sneak up on greatness and grab it and shake it until its dead and chew a few holes in it and carry it around proudly with a big grin!

Kelly and Amber
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:laugh: ;D :laugh:

Congrats on the new title, Amber. Wear it proudly!

Congratulations Amber and Kelly. I know Amber will do the title of SW full justice, and make Lab owners very proud. :p
way to go amber!!!!!

Molly says you are her idol Amber, she aspires to be a CW (chapstick wizard) or LGW (lip gloss wizard) one day.
Sam has no talents in that area, but admires those of you who have! CONGRATS!!!!!!!!

[email protected] and LGW!

You'll have to ask Shanny about those titles...
That is too funny. I was actually going to PM you to ask you what the SW title meant :-[

This is one title Moose could never earn - he eats the socks and would be DQ'd every time.
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