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Alfies nervous in large groups of dogs :(

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Ive taken him to the park this morning. We saw Billy a springer spaniel who he knows..but Billys whole family was there so about 6 dogs in total. I let him off as they were all heading our way and he hates greeting dogs while he is on a lead (we had some lead aggression issues last year). So it makes it easier if he says Hi off lead.

But he went full steam ahead growling, heckles up. It was a kind of back off signal to them. But once he had had a sniff he was fine. The lady was ok about it, she is a spaniel breeder and understood that he gets anxious. I really dont want him being like this in large groups, he doesnt like over bearing dogs that jump on him etc

Any ideas? Tips? I really would love him to play with other dogs without having to avoid big groups
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Thanks so much Rosie, obviously its hard to watch all those dogs behaviour at once. TBH Billy..the one he knows has always been a jump on me, bite kind of dog and when Alfie was younger he would often hide behind me. Im glad to know its normal!
LOL i did feel embarrassed and if he had been barking at anyone elses dogs they would have said "stick that aggressive dog bk on a lead" and id have been mortified but she also said it was fine so phewww
He is like that if I have his chuckit dogs can come up to him and he will pretend he doesnt notice them, he is fixated on the ball but there are times when Id actually like him to wonder with other dogs, keep the socialisation going IYKWIM
Thats a good idea, saves any confusion
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