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A student at University of Missouri in Columbia has created "Pub Corn," alcohol-flavored popcorn.
The Kansas City native said the popcorn is produced at a plant in Lincoln, Neb., and is coated through a special process he developed.
The business management senior said he thought of the idea for making the Pub Corn when he saw teens sneaking alcohol into movie theaters. He began to research his idea.
"I soaked the kernels in whiskey," Silverman said. "That didn't work. I tried injecting it with a syringe. I poked my finger a lot, but it didn't work."

Silverman didn't give up, and he finally came up with non-alcoholic coatings that taste like beer, piña colada and Irish Cream.
Silverman said his main buyers have been pregnant women and truck drivers. He said they're looking for the taste of alcohol, but can't drink the real stuff.
KCTV5's Carolyn Long suggested merlot or champagne as future flavors.
"Champagne's good," said Silverman. "I will tell you a secret. We're testing tequila."
Silverman has been approached by producers for Oprah Winfrey, Ellen DeGeneres and Martha Stewart, all of whom would like to have Silverman on their shows. Oprah asked for the tequila-flavored popcorn.
This is the third business venture for this young entrepreneur. He started a lawn mowing business when he was 9 years old, and just sold it last fall with 1,700 customers. He also started an online study group Web site that is used by almost 100 colleges around the country.
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