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We have two male Chocolate Labs Otto, 2.5 years old at 92lbs and his 1/2 brother Dieter, 2 years old at 80lbs.

Starting almost two weeks ago Otto started attacking Dieter. At first, it was only during feeding and now it happens multiple times a day. They have never displayed this behavior in the past.

My wife just called me and said they fought at her feet while she was holding our 9mo old girl. She wants to give one of the dogs away but I would rather keep them and not have to choose who goes.

The dogs spent thier first year as country dogs in the Sierra Nevada Mts. and are not used to suburban life. Our fenced in yard does not have direct access from the house and require walking the dogs to the gate. About twice per month the dogs break from routine and will bolt across the street. I have failed to train the human and need advice on training the dogs for their own safety.

Thank you,

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