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Cedar was a perfect 5 for 5

Novice Standard 1st place (beating his brother)
Novice JWW 1st place
Open FAST 2nd place

Novice Standard 1st place
Novice JWW 1st place

Unfortunately he came home with an upset tummy and barfed on my bed (and me icccccccckkkkkkkkkk) this morning.

Robbie was 1 of 5 but that one was for his Novice Standard title..

So he is now

Truwain Autumn Frost of Mihart RN, NAJ, OF, NA

On Saturday I was encouraged because he was at least attempting his weaves even if he wasn't getting them except in the one instantance and it was on try 4 I think..but on Sunday he was once again blowing by them..

Will have some videos up in a bit.
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