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Afternnon tea with Ernie.

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This happened at Xmas.

I try to socialise Ernie so take him with me whenever I can.
I was at a girls afternoon at a friends. Ernie is outside and starts tap……tap…. Tap…. on the French doors. I told everyone to ignore him. Don’t even look at him and he will stop.
Tap Tap on the glass. Tap…tap.. tap tap tap the tapping is getting faster. No one can concentrate.

TAP TAP Tap TAP. It is getting harder and harder. I am now getting embarrassed and wondering what possessed me to bring him.
Ernie then gets up and taps on the glass with both paws. He is taping so hard I was sure he was going to come through the door. Conversation has stopped. Surely he will stop. No. Not Ernie.
Taptap taptap. Taptap taptap I was now very embarrassed, and about to deal to him when it stopped. I looked out the window and he was lying on the porch.

I sat back enjoying the afternoon tea when Sally starts hysterical laughter and points towards the kitchen. OMG!!!!
Ernie has stuck his head through the cat door. Oh come on Mum let me in. ;D

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Oh Ernie!!!! ;D

You are the King of LabraMonkeys!!! For sure! LOL!

Chris, you really ought to publish Ernie's stories!!
:D That is too funny!! I am picturing the whole thing! ;D
LOL That's my boy!!!!
Oh wonderful! An outlaw and a problem solver all in one dog! :D
:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
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