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Good Grief!

The boy loves the chute now too. At our trial this past weekend I planned out our gamblers run... jump, Tire, jump, etc..

Remington decided his own course and did the jump and zoomed into the chute, promptly got on his back and did a twister routine in there, almost tying himself shut in the fabric, he came out, and zoomed right back in!! Got him out of there and he did another jump, and zoomed into a tunnel, skidded on his back and went to town rubbing up and down, feet flailing and kicking the top side of the tunnel.

I had my back to the judge and I literally was punching on the sides of the tunnel yelling at him to get out of there, his head finally poked out and I grabbed onto his forelegs and dragged him out.

The judge approached, laughing and said she was really enjoying that!

I told her it was beyond funny now, and had become a bad habit.

And me and Remington exited the ring by doing a teeter and jump for fun.

What am I to do with this boy!! Oh my. He's got a reputation now. Everyone knows him, they all ask me.. "Is your dog going to do tunnels today!!!"

Needless to say, we got no Q's over the weekend.
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