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? about stitches (Macy)

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Sorry I'm putting this in O&E,, but I know we get more traffic here. :embarrass:

MaceFace got her stitches out yesterday and everything looked great. This morning when she was on the bed getting her belly rubbed, I noticed one still sticking out. Not a whole stitch, just one piece about 1/2". Should I try and cut it myself? Leave it be? Take her back to the vet?
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I would take a warm washcloth to it and remove myself with tweezers.
Good idea Kim, I didn't think of that. :happy:
I'd take her back to the vet, but I'm a wuss. Frankly they shouldn't charge you anything for it because they should have done it properly the first time.
I'd probably give it a gentle tug with some tweezers it should come out pretty easy that's all they did to take Mocha's out. If it doesn't then I'd let the vet do it.
Well it took 3 of us to hold her down on the table for them to take them out, so I'd rather do it myself if I can. :crazy:
Thunders Mom said:
I would take a warm washcloth to it and remove myself with tweezers.
Good idea. That's what I would do.
I laughed when the vet told me i could take Koda's stitches out myself if i wanted to after 14 days.


no way.. I could probably handle 1, though =)
I wish I could have taken them out myself. It would have saved me the embarrassing "I can't pay the rest of her spay bill until the end of the month" speech. :embarrass:
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