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Well my mom got a new car (nissan pathfinder) last week and today. Me, my sister, and my dad packed up the car and took Abby down to the lake for a swim. Bo didn't come along, but it was fine because he was at home with my other little sister and mom. When we got out there she was all "ooooh water water water". So she went in, but because of my knee I sat down in the grass (she was on a 25ft lead and harness) and let her go in and out as she pleased. My dad and my sister went to walk around the track. And when abby realized they left she started whining and wouldn't go into the water until they came back. Then she dove in after sticks and everything else, but refused to do so when they weren't with us. Go figure

Oh and we also met another labby. Can't remember his name for the life of me, but he was a beautiful chocolate boy...

In the car

My sister and Abby

Me and Abby
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