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Advent/Christmas and Holy Week (Palm Sunday to Easter) are demanding times for Episcopal choirs and church musicians and also, I guess, for others who use classical church music (many Lutherans, Methodists, etc.).

These times in the church year took much extra work but it wasn't too bad at the Episcopal church I'd belonged to.

But last summer, I decided I liked the leadership at our Cathedral much more than that of the current priest at the church where I'd been a member for decades. While the Cathedral is far more formal and liturgical (which I don't like that much), the difference in leadership that the Dean (head priest of a Cathedral) gives made it more than worthwhile.

So -- I switched churchs and choirs.

WOW! What a difference in work load and it really shows during Holy Week.

We had a 3 hr. (instead of our usual 2 hr) rehearsal last Thursday PM plus the usual 30 min. before the 11-12 AM service to sing 2 anthems, "The Feast of Palms" and parts of Duruflé's "Requiem" (at this service, and all others, these anthems are in addition to the usual 5 or so hymns and to the sung canticles and psalms).

Then a 2 - 3 hr. rehearsal last night

Then a 1 hr. rehearsal this coming Friday night before singing Rheinsberger's (sp?) "Stabat Mater" at the 7 PM service.

Then a 1 hr rehearsal Saturday before singing "With a Voice of Singing," "Author of Life Divine," and the "Hallelujuah Chorus" at the Easter Vigil.

Then a 1 hr rehearsal 9:30 AM before the Easter service at which we'll sing "Te Deum" (with brass accompaniment), "Hallelujuah Chorus" and "Author of Life Divine".

BUT, as busy as it is for us members of the adult choir, it's even busier for the music director/organist and asst music dir./organist who, beside working with us, are also rehearsing a handbell choir, a children's choir, a mixed choir of high school age people, and a "Gentlemen's Choir" of HS/young college age men.

ARGH!! :eek:


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it's even busier for the music director/organist and asst music dir./organist who
...And I don't even HAVE an assistant!


- Palm Sunday Vigil, Sat 5:15P
- Palm Sunday Masses, 7:30, 10:30, Noon (choir w/formal procession)
- Rehearsal, Monday, 7-9P
- Holy Thursday Mass, 7P (incl washing of the feet)
- Good Friday Celebration of the Passion, 3P (incl Veneration of the Cross)
- Holy Saturday Vigil, 7P (bringing 21 people into full participation w/the Catholic Church; this baby will run at least 2.5 hrs)
- Easter Sunday, 7:30, 10:30 (choir), Noon
- Easter Monday: Total collapse
- Saturday, April 18, First Holy Communion, 9A, 11A

So even when Easter's over, it ain't over.......

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