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A sea lion in a Labs coat. (video)

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I am minding Gemma the 2 year Border Collie until Sept. They had been playing for some time so couch cover has been pulled off.

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That was very funny-he does sound like a sea lion- How is that Border Collie? still crazy or has he calmed down a bit? We are contending with a lunatic Boder Colllie who just tuned 1 on 7-7. Way too much energy at this point I'm hoping he cqlms down a little. When I brought Morgan up to the farm he wanted no part of Jeb.

I have only had her a week. Her owner thought she would be too much as she is full on and his wife find her hard going.

She is more problem than Ernie and really enjoying her. As long as I give her a good run every day she is fine. It was too cold yesterday so she had a short walk. She is jumping out of her skin this morning. Chewed mats, dug holes. Run on the beach with a ball will sort it.

Shame that they don't get on !

BC's just don't understand bitey face ! No wonder Ernie is moaning.

They do get on very well. That is Erns noise of enjoyment. He loves her.
You should hear him in the morning when he wants breakfast. lol.
:pound: Reminds me of the old days when the neighbours Rottie would have couch wrestling games with Holly. Gemma is gorgeous! :love:

Good to see Erns enjoying himself despite what he's going through. Their stamina is amazing!
That was a wee while ago. If Gems were here I am sure he would find energy to bity face with her. Think he is ok.

She ended up with us for most of the time for over 2 years until she went to the USA with John. I miss her so much.
Having her was how I ended up with Tess.
1 - 4 of 25 Posts
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