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This was put up on the other board I haunt this weekend. It is an event with ren-actments that one of the groups I work with did at Rock Creek Station in June of 200, this video is a segment that appeared on NETV our local PBS station in Jan of 2001. In the vieo I am the guy sitting on the ground cleaning the Sharps rifle and although you only see my hook and my dutch ovens I am the one doing the cooking. Some great footage of the Hickok gun fight ren-actment also as well as good information on this historic park. I will be down there again June 1-3.

I do want to say this about the gunfight, kids don't try this at home. We use the saftey methods developed over the years by groups doing this sort of thing and everyone who does it has to go through our training course. Blanks if used wrong are very dangerous, nobody is ever accually shot at, but low and to the side. Also if you watch carefully the guy in the grey hat that takes the good tumble when shot is limping later, he did get hurt a bit in the fall on camera. Anyway enjoy.

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