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A question and then the pictures (lots of pictures) :)

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First the question... the pictures are just the bribe to get you in here :)

Boo is coming up on 18 weeks now and every day she is more my little sweetie... its hard to believe how fast she is growing up! She is crate trained well and loves to hang out there when we are just relaxing but I was never fond of leaving her locked up for so long. So now she sleeps with her crate open.. for about a week now with out any problems. She has been doing well with that so I eased her into going through the day out of the crate but shut into my room. She goes the the entire day out now without problem.

So now the first question at 18 weeks it has been about 3 weeks since she has had an accident inside and she has not caused any problems in a week of sleeping loose and the past two days she went free in the room. Do you think I may be rushing her along too much? How will I know when she is ready for the whole house... my room is pretty puppy safe... the house not so much.

Now the pictures!<br>
<img src="http://home.comcast.net/~j.marquiss/images/Boo-3-28-2007-2.jpg"><br>
Gooooodddd Morrrrrning!<br><br>
<img src="http://home.comcast.net/~j.marquiss/images/Boo-3-28-2007-5.jpg"><br>
Where da kibble!?<br><br>
<img src="http://home.comcast.net/~j.marquiss/images/Boo-3-28-2007-6.jpg"><br>
You're tasty!<br><br>
<img src="http://home.comcast.net/~j.marquiss/images/Boo-4-3-2007-2.jpg"><br>
So hard to sit on slippery wood floors, get me a rug daddy!<br><br>
<img src="http://home.comcast.net/~j.marquiss/images/Boo-4-3-2007-3.jpg"><br>
I stay... now where's my treat!<br><br>
<img src="http://home.comcast.net/~j.marquiss/images/Boo-4-3-2007-4.jpg"><br>
I'll never understand why the New York library has lions when they could have had ME!<br><br>
<img src="http://home.comcast.net/~j.marquiss/images/Boo-4-3-2007-5.jpg"><br>
I have a SPOT daddy... give me a bath... I swear I don't get dirty just so I can play in the tub... I promise I really do.<br><br>
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She is very, very, very sweet!! I'm not really sure what to tell you as I think each lab is different. One of the 3 I've had I was able to let have free reign of our apartment at 6 months without any issue at all. But the other two? Aye Yi Yie. Yeller was 5 before we could leave her out without her destroying something, and Abby is two, but we can't trust her alone. She has a penchant for furniture.

You could puppy proof the rest of your house I suspect, but that much space may tempt her to soil it, or worse, she may get into trouble. I'd stick with your room for now, I think. I think you might even find that she wrecks that soon enough! (for the record, Abby was 16 months and had gone 3 months with no destruction, no nothing in the whole house, then one day, Wham!)
What a sweetheart!!! ;D

Hmm... every dog is different. Henry was almost 2 before he slept out of his crate at night, and has just recently earned the priviledge of free roam in the house when I'm at work. He's almost 4. He probably could have been out earlier... just my own paranoia keeping him in his crate! ;)
Cute! Cute! Cute!!!!!

I have no answer for your question. I just like looking at puppy pics! ;D
TangerineFizz said:
...then one day, Wham!
What she said. Kai and Samm had freedom for a while, then WHAM!!!

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Very cute puppy. Be prepared if you let her loose. ;D
kaisdad said:
TangerineFizz said:
...then one day, Wham!
What she said. Kai and Samm had freedom for a while, then WHAM!!!

ROFLMAO!! Cam, I've never seen those pics, or don't remember seeing them!! Waaay too funny! I love all that paper everywhere!! And their faces! OMG!!
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Every dog is different but I do think that 18 weeks is a tad too early for run of the house. Tucker was 18 months before he was 'free to roam' and he has been an absolute angel - the 'worst' thing he's done is sit on the 'red couch' which he is not allowed on when we are home - those black hairs tell the story. :D Good luck with your decision!

Cam - those pics are HILARIOUS. I like the 'hey dad, 'member when you said you didn't like getting flyers in the mail?!?'
I think I remember those pictures Cam. I remember thinking he was looking back like "Who the heck made that mess?"
Paula said:
I think I remember those pictures Cam. I remember thinking he was looking back like "Who the heck made that mess?"
Yup. It was the big dust up of 2005. This was just the prequal to an even bigger rampage that lead to the boys losing their freedom while I'm out of the house.
Kaycie just turned a yr old and she has only slept out of the kennel one time...and that was a week ago. My mom was in town and couldn't sleep with Kaycie in the loud Kennel, so out she went. She has just not really understood that a blanket on the ground is for her to lay on....NOT CHEW. I'm a big paranoid. She has a habit of chewing the corners of walls when she's bored. I would freak out if I came home and half my apartment was ate.
Boo looks like a sweetheart!!!! :-*

Don't really have an answer to your question. I tried leaving Thor out of his kennel when he was 6 months old but he ended up chewing on my walls! ::) So I tried again at a year old. He is now over 2 years old and has been crate free since he was a year! Good luck! :)
I wouldn't trust her at all!

She's still getting used to her surroundings, and probably hasn't discovered the "joy of destruction" yet.

However, you state that your room is pretty "puppy safe".....I hope it's not that room in the first picture, because I see lots of "yummy books" to tear to shreds.

My advice: Be patient, work her into it, but be wary, they turn phsyco when you least expect it.
Yeah I would probably echo what the others said, in that be sure and take it nice and slow. I kinda though Ty was a lil angel, and I too felt bad about leaving him cooped up all the day...so I started leaving him in the room with NOTHING in it, guest bathroom. However, one day I was out of town...and my MIL was coming over to let Ty out and feed him...and I told her "Since he'll be locked up especially long today...just leave him in the guest bathroom....but make sure you puppy proof it first". She assured me she knew what to do since she has a little dog too...


I came home, and the rug (that we had bought like a week earlier) was destroyed...and he had got ahold of the wallpaper and ripped it off the wall up to the ceiling...and then proceeded to chew on the baseboard (where it made a corner) and then chew on the corner of the cabinet.

SO....i'd wait just a little longer! Unless your room is a stainless steel box!
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Dakota was 17 weeks old last Thursday..he's been 90% housebroken for weeks now..no accidents for at least 1 + months. When we go out..he and Kelly go into our large master bathroom, it has a gate, becuause he does counter surf. He hasn't tried to chew anything inappropriate when we're with him..but if I leave something he can reach..he will chew it up. They also sleep there at night..because we have wood floors in our bedroom..and the thump/click/click noise keeps waking us up. I started reinforcing the potty training when..I realized after a few in house accidents..Dakota was playing in his water bowl outside..and gulping tons of water..I give a small biscuit every time he goes outside. IT works!!!!
HTH Jackie
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