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Did anyone subject themselves to this drek last night? OMG - We bailed out after 10 minutes. What a godawful show. Two schlubs came out and basically begged for hair implants, and the one that did the most convincing begging got to go on to the final round to get his dream made a reality.

Then two shrews came out and begged for their daughters to be made Princess Queen Fairy Miss America of the Rodeo Circuit or somesuch. And when the one mom said that her daughter donates her old crowns to kids with cancer and has had a number of girls SENT TO HEAVEN WEARING HER OLD CROWNS and awwww isn't that sweet? We flipped the dial.

For this we missed Boston Legal? Ugh.

It reminded me of the old Queen for a Day show, where desperate housewives humiliated themselves trying to come up with the most bathos as to why they deserved a new washer-dryer or refrigerator.
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